Flemington School

Central Hawke's Bay • New Zealand

School Contact Details

Phone: 06 855 4860

Other Phone Line:
06 6509525

Email: office@flemington.school.nz

Principal: principal@flemington.school.nz

Upcoming events

  • No upcoming events available

Term Dates 2020

Term 1: Mon 3 Feb —  9 April
Term 2: Mon 28 Apr — 3 July
Term 3: Mon 20 Jul — 25 Sept
Term 4: Mon 12 Oct —  17 Dec


Public Holidays:
Waitangi Day: Thurs 6 Feb
Good Friday: Fri 10 Apr
ANZAC Day: Mon 27 April (Mondaized)


Queen’s Birthday: Mon 1 June
HB Anniversary Day: Fri 23 Oct
Labour Day: Mon 26 Oct


Educational Excellence and Success


The school has no compulsory school day-to-day uniform, but a uniform is required when representing the school at interschool sporting, academic or cultural events. The following items can be purchased for those occasions.

A monogrammed red polar fleece top, polo shirt, and tracksuit pants/or jackets may be bought through the school and these are very suitable for everyday wear as well as for school events. White rugby shorts may be bought from Storys Waipukuaru.

The following is the dress for school and interschool events:

  • Cross Country, Athletics, Softball Tournaments, and any other school events:
    • School polo shirt, and white shorts.
  • Cricket:
    • White shirt and shorts.
  • Hockey:
    • School polo shirt and white shorts.
  • Netball:
    • White polo shirt or school supplied top and skirt.
  • Gymnastics:
    • White shorts and school polo shirts for boys.
    • Black leotards for girls, provided by the school.
  • Rugby:
    • Black shorts and jersey (supplied by the club they play for).
  • Junior Soccer:
    • School polo shirt and white shorts
  • Music Festival:
    • As indicated on the programme for that year.
  • Ngati Whai Maori Cultural Festival:
    • Boys- black shorts only. Girls- supplied by school.